“The wound is the place where the light enters you.”
– Rumi


Therapeutic approach: I approach my work with compassion, respect, empathy… and humor when it seems helpful. In getting to know clients, I try to tailor my approach to the specific needs of the individual or couple. I use a layering of knowledge systems and ways of working, including an exploration of family history and social and ecological context, working with relational patterns and recognition of unconscious aspects of experience. I value making room to process and understand difficult emotions, as well as finding ways to build on existing strengths and sources of resilience.

Types of Clinical Services Offered: I am available to work with clients residing in New York State, where I am licensed. I am currently available for either in-person (with health precautions in place) or remote (telehealth) visits.

Adult Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis: I help individuals with a variety of concerns, including self-esteem, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and even broader existential concerns. I see clients for 45-minute sessions, once per week or with greater frequency if desired or indicated.

Couples therapy: I see couples experiencing a variety of relationship concerns including communication issues, infidelity, decision making and premarital/pre-commitment exploration. My couples therapy sessions are generally one hour in length once per week.

Specialization in climate and environmental distress and grief: As awareness and impacts of the climate and environmental crisis has grown, more individuals are experiencing varieties of eco-anxiety, grief, and traumatic stress, collectively known as climate distress. I believe such distress is a reasonable, expectable, and ultimately even helpful response to what is happening but recognize that it can at times feel overwhelming or paralyzing and may intersect with and amplify other life challenges and decisions about the future. I provide individual and couple therapy sessions where climate distress and disruption may be a primary focus, or one that sits alongside other areas of concern.

Fees/insurance: While I do not take insurance directly, for those with an out-of-network benefit, I will provide an itemized bill which clients can submit to insurance to receive reimbursement. I work on a sliding fee scale when possible, for those with financial hardship.  

Clinical consultation/supervision: I am available for individual clinical consultation for mental health practitioners on their work in individual therapy and psychoanalysis, couples therapy and climate-aware therapy.

Teaching and professional presentations: I can teach courses and provide presentations on mental health impacts of the climate crisis, including environmental racism and injustice and on topics related to climate-aware therapy practice and climate distress. I am also available to teach courses on psychoanalytic and systems approaches to couple therapy.

Experiential workshops, panels, and presentations: I am available to provide presentations for groups, schools, and organizations, including on such topics climate distress and ways to build psychological resilience.

Media: I am available for select interviews on climate anxiety and distress.